Po Campo offers three levels of service as outlined below.  The different levels of service are based upon a range of involvement.

Hourly consulting

Po Campo's simplest service is financial consulting based on an hourly rate that is appropriate for the type of work that is needed.  This option is good for specific client needs that do not fit into the structure of the monthly retainer options listed below.


Po Campo’s CFO option fulfills all typical tasks of a Chief Financial Officer.  This option requires dynamic interaction with the client’s team and accountant, and ensures completion of all the items on Po Campo’s menu of services over the suggested project timeline.

A CFO has three areas of focus: past, present, and future. The past focus utilizes historical financials and analysis to uncover inefficiencies to be corrected and efficiencies to be scaled.  With a thorough understanding of the company’s capabilities through historical performance, the CFO can help strategize how to position the company in the present to be prepared for what lies ahead.  The future focus includes complex financial modeling to create dynamic models to aid in decision making to prepare for both growth periods and downturns.

Financial statements and other pertinent data will be supplied by the CFO and will be prepared beforehand with meeting agendas to facilitate efficient and focused interactions.

Board member

Po Campo’s board member option is typical of board members at any size of organization, with the primary goal of maximizing value for shareholders.  Po Campo’s involvement and value add will be seen through financial and strategic consulting, accountability to focus on the company’s predetermined goals and objectives, and risk management. 

Financial statements and other pertinent data will be supplied by the client for meetings.